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Our top ten LOVE inspired ART PRINTS

11th Feb 2016

Our top ten LOVE inspired ART PRINTS

Our friends from Top Drawer asked us about our favourite LOVE inspired prints. 

Valentine's day is only 3 days away, haven't got that present sorted yet? Our selection may come handy...

1. The Dark Side of Love

By Thomas Fuchs

Thomas Fuchs is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer. Known for his astute ideas and concept-driven work, his illustrations have appeared in most publications in the US and Germany, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Time, Rolling Stone, GQ, and Esquire.

A music lover? A Pink Floyd fan? Combine your passions , say I love you with this fab print by Thomas Fuchs.

2. Han & Leia

By Designers Nursery

Fun and just a little bit geeky. Designing and producing fantastic quality prints for the home and kids of all ages. Taking inspiration from all things geeky the Designers Nursery are on a quest to fill your walls with all sorts of quotes, references and images from Cult Classics to Hollywood blockbusters.

Either if you are a Star Wars fan or not, there is just no couple in the world that beats Han & Leia.

3.Ocean Heart

By Leah Flores

Leah Flores is a Portland based graphic designer, who injects Stateside-style into all of her designs. Inspired by her travels, her prints feature photography she's taken whilst adventuring fused with her love of geometrics and typography. Fresh, fun and hip design for your home.

Bring an amazing ocean view into your home everyday with this contemporary, geometric heart photographic print by Leah.

4.Thieves like us

By Indie Prints

Indie Prints is a London based artist with a clear passion for his surroundings and culture influenced by retro rock posters, typography and wall art. His work has an amazing vintage feel to it. He combines individual band’s styles with typography, and creates stunning visuals for songs, and there perceived meaning.

Long life to New Order! I guess that sums up why we Love this print.

5.You’ll do

By the East End Prints Studio

One of our own designs from our London studio. We like to be quirky and different. Love can be full of surprises.

6. Love Lines

By The Native State

Founded by Scottish based designer Frankie Kerr-Dineen, The Native State opened it's virtual doors in the Summer of 2012. Originally operating as a jewellery, accessories and clothing boutique, The Native State has evolved to focus on their own brand of artwork and stationery alongside a carefully curated and limited run of other labels.

We find this piece bang on trend, minimalist, monochrome and straight to the point. It’s about Love.

7. Love brings you home

By Of life and lemons

Angie gained a Fine Art degree from the University of East London and settled in London working in art publishing before returning to her Essex roots to raise a family. Now living in sunny Leigh on Sea, Angie designs the prints while looking after her two young children and indulging in her love of nineties indie bands.

A tireless traveler? an Explorer at heart? Yeah, life takes you to unexpected places, but LOVE brings you home.

8. Love

by Chris Wharton

Chris Wharton is a freelance illustrator and designer based in London UK, with a diverse portfolio of work brimming with great ideas and creative executions. His work is typically bold, bright and joyful. This Love inspired print, faithful to Chris’s work is sweet and a bit naive. A perfect way to say I love you.

9 .Black Heart

By Seventy Tree

Seventy Tree was established in 2010 by UK illustrator Kerry Layton. Her love for geometrics, characterful creatures and colour is strongly represented in her work.. Combining traditional pen and pencil drawings with computer illustration, she creates a wide range of prints, postcards, decorative tape and home wares. Her black heart is a lovely minimalist work for those romantics who just are not so into pink.

10. If you love me let me know

By Nicole Thompson

Nicole Thompson’s Paper Heart is a labour of love, which she founded when she was heart broken in 2010. Taking inspiration from love, life and nostalgia, Paper Heart specialises in illustration, design and screen printing. If you love me let me know brings to paper a statement we can all relate to. Simple, sweet and direct. A declaration of love. 

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