New York New York! Art Inspired by the City that Never Sleeps

New York New York! Art Inspired by the City that Never Sleeps

11th May 2022

How to Style New York City Art Prints

New York is a city that is nothing short of iconic. Over the years, this hotspot of business and leisure has become one of the most beloved cities in modern western culture. Not only does New York City stand as a physical representation of the American dream, but it has also provided a backdrop for some of our most beloved stories and characters. Explore your favourite cityscape prints in our Cities and Maps collection. Here are a few tips on the best ways to expertly style New York art prints, so you can bring a little slice of the city that never sleeps into your home.

Nothing Reflects New York City Like Photography

New York City is a buzzing veritable hub of life and ambition. In the architecture, the artwork, and even in the people, there is a palpable energy and creativity that is tough to recreate. There is no better way to capture that feeling than with photography.

New York City is packed full of some of the most talented artists in the world, and the range of city photography based in New York is phenomenal. Why not display a print of some of the incredible landmarks of New York, or a gorgeous shot of the New York City skyline?

New York Illustrations and Modern Art Prints

While photography is reliably incredible to look at, some interior design styles may be a better fit for modern illustrations or graphically stylized prints of New York City.

Vibrant prints with block colours and abstract shapes are a perfect fit for urban décor, while also effortlessly expressing the creativity and modern cultural significance that New York City represents.

Achieve an Urban Style With New York City Maps

Another way of expressing your love for New York City in a classy and understated way is simply to display a geographical representation of the city itself. Maps are a great choice for wall art since the nature of their clean lines and abstract shapes alone often makes for an eye pleasing piece.

Try displaying a map of Central Park or Manhattan to add a muted, urban feel to any space.

Find Gorgeous New York Art Prints at East End Prints

At East End Prints, we have a wonderful selection of art prints that capture the essence of what New York City is all about. Our handpicked collections are an excellent place to find the perfect urban prints that will look fantastic in your home.

If you would like any advice on choosing the right print of one of America’s most beloved cities, or any tips on how to expertly style city prints in your home, contact us today at, visit our blog, or follow our social channels to stay up to date on all the latest styles, trends, and room inspirations. Explore Cities and Maps here.