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How Will My Framed Art Arrive?

Posted by Helen Edwards on 12th Jan 2022

How Will My Framed Art Arrive?

How Will My Framed Art Arrive ?

It’s a question we get asked a lot and you know what? We spent a good deal of time developing our packaging with our warehouse to ensure your orders can arrive with everything in tip top condition to your home or office.

Our specially made cardboard boxes can be dropped on their corners (and survive!). We know couriers can sometimes be a little heavy handed so we ensure our framed art prints sit snug in the box to ensure less movement in transit.

Larger orders will be packed in multiple boxes but will arrive together on the same day. For example, two A2 prints will fit in a box with one A1. Or, one A2 and two A3’s prints will all fit together. Your order will arrive fully secured with parcel tape, yet we will use as little packaging as possible to get your order to you.

You can easily open your box of prints with a perforated rip off strip. We use recycled bubble wrap to keep the framed art exactly where it was when it left the warehouse and to stop the framed art from slipping around in the box.

The only single use plastic we now use is the shrink wrap around the actual framed art – this really holds everything in place. However, we hope to eliminate all single use plastic by 2023. The shrink wrap can be easily removed to reveal 4 cardboard corners that protect the real wood frames.


Left: Boxes will be taped with parcel tape and secured in specially designed protective cardboard

Right: The back of the frame which features Pozzi hangers

What will my framed print look like?

The frames we use have a very slight wood texture which we have been using for years. We love real wood and regularly audit our suppliers for their FSC accreditation. Having the texture on the frames really gives them a high quality feel.

Our acrylic glaze is lighter and safer than glass. We prefer the qualities of acrylic for hanging wall art in children's bedrooms or for less holes in the wall to hang the art. Most art suppliers have moved over to acrylic glaze. Ours is up to 2mm thick and yet optically the same as glass. Be aware of cheaper plastic glaze which is thinner and far lower quality, it can sometimes be cloudy, scratch easily and make the artwork look dulled down or with a blue tone.

We tend to not tape the back and use flexi points (small metal tabs) which securely keep the print in the frame. We feel this gives our customer an opportunity to exchange the artwork really easily if they fancy a seasonal wall refresh.

You can hang your framed art with what we call a Pozzi hanger. Pozzi hangers allow you to hang your artwork directly onto a nail with no messy string or wire. This really takes the hanging experience of our frames to a whole new level. 


Left: Tape backing to secure the larger A1 prints, this can easily be removed so you can switch up your display

Right: Perfect corners secure your prints in their packaging

We hope you enjoy your art and don’t forget to recycle your cardboard box! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. Explore New In or Just a Frame.