Find Your Calm: Beautifully Elegant Scandinavian Design

Posted by East End Prints on 6th Jan 2020

Find Your Calm: Beautifully Elegant Scandinavian Design

Sometimes we really feel the need to clean the cobwebs by overhauling ourselves, our space and our minds.

January is notorious of course for this kind of statement but each year the call to press the reset button strikes about now. You might find yourself with a yearning for a lighter, brighter and more paired back mental state. 

Taking it's cues from Scandinavian style, Find Your Calm is about clearing the decks in your home and your mind. Getting the clarity we need can be easier said than done however. By carving out even a small bit of time to get your living space straight can be invaluable in feeling like you have the room to breathe and begin again. 

Whether that is a whole new look or just a small (print sized) reminder of your intention to care for your self and the importance of breathing out and finding your calm. 

We have some exciting opportunities, artists and tips and tricks for finding and keeping the light in your home and your life. Stay tuned but for now here are some beautiful home looks featuring some of the Find Your Calm hero prints to set you rolling in the right direction.