Create a beautiful gallery wall in 5 simple steps

Create a beautiful gallery wall in 5 simple steps

1. Pick your prints

Let the creative juices flow.....decide on a theme or go Mix and Match.
In the mood for a bit of curation? Our website is organised by categories so it makes it much easier to find what you are looking for... go for a muted palette or some gorgeous abstracts, we've got plenty of prints where to choose from!

Feeling arty? then go for mix and match a bit of greenery, a bit of neon, a dash of gold, be creative and have fun!

2. Map it out!

Pencil and paper ready? It's time to draft! Don't run and look for the hammer just yet, I promise you, sketching how you want your wall to look is totally worth it, nobody likes a wall full of holes...

3. Make a trial

Take the prints and lay them out on the floor, at this stage you can still change your mind about the display for the prints ..... start for the biggest one and build around it.

4. Create a level line

A little trick is creating a line with a piece of string, that will allow you to hang your prints straight, we like it creative but also cohesive!  A good gallery wall is all about rhythm 

5. Hang 

And now for the moment of truth ...nails and hammer, is time to hang! Some people also like using double sided tape, thats entirely up to you..

And now, ENJOY! your gallery wall is ready :) Did you follow this steps in order to create your own? give us a shout on instagram we would love to see your results!