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Choosing the perfect wall art doesn't have to be hard

Posted by East End Prints on 20th Oct 2021

Choosing the perfect wall art doesn't have to be hard

Wall art has a big impact on the space around it. The right pieces can draw elements of a room together and make it feel finished, create a theme or make a space feel welcoming. It might seem like a tough task to find exactly the right pieces of wall art for your home but it doesn’t have to be hard - these simple tips will make the process much more straightforward.

Find a piece that makes you feel something. The best advice of all when it comes to choosing wall art is to pick art that you love. Walking into a room every day and seeing a piece of art that makes you feel excitement, joy, calm etc will make the purchase feel worthwhile so it’s the best place to start.

Pay attention to the size. That’s not just the size of the art but also the space that you’re going to put it in. Picking the wrong sized piece of art could leave you with a space that feels unbalanced or where the room is overwhelmed. Think about whether you’re going to hang your art, or rest it on furniture, and get an idea of the most common artwork sizes so you know roughly what you’re working with (e.g. small is 40-60cms, medium 60-80cms and large 80-100cms).

Other considerations about size. Remember that you don’t have to pick one big piece of art - a large space can be filled with lots of smaller artworks - and make sure it all works with the room. Art should sit around 15cms above your furniture.

Pick art that plays into the style of your home. There are a number of different ways that you can approach this. If your home already has a very defined style, such as Scandi or coastal, then pick art that fits in with that style - or contrasts with it if that’s the effect you’re looking for. If you have no specific style then think about questions like the feeling your home evokes and the type of art you usually enjoy.

Opt for consistent colours. If your home already has a clearly defined colour scheme, art that fits within this will give all your spaces a finished and connected feel. The other option when it comes to colour is to choose an accent colour - one that is already present somewhere in the room - and then base all your wall art around that.

Choose art around the theme of your home or the theme of a specific room. For example, if your room is sleek and minimal with a low key aesthetic then a classic oil painting or very busy piece of art may not fit as well as an atmospheric black and white photo.

Choosing the perfect wall art for your home doesn’t have to be hard. You can do this on the basis of colour, theme and style, as well as practical considerations like size. But most of all make sure you’re choosing the pieces you love.

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