Artist Interview with Bristol based Oshe Pop!

Posted by Rebeca Romero on 6th Dec 2018

Artist Interview with Bristol based Oshe Pop!


Stu of Oshe Pop! studied graphic design in Exeter. Beginning at a college, Stu studied at a Poly but went on to  graduate from University (all in the same building). His architectonic range stands apart from the rest not only for it's clean lines but powerful use of colour. We asked Stu a couple of questions about his direct influences and favourite places in the UK, he is what he said.

S: I’ve always loved clear colour boundaries in art which I guess kick started it all. An old poster of Liverpool Overhead Railway was next to me on a daily basis at home which must’ve got to me. The Mersey was even blue! I mean come on. That and drawing lines around colours on photos (much to my folks delight!)

E: How would you describe your style?

S: Style is a kind of blend of Frank Newbold, Beggarstaff Bros. and Hergé but without the moving parts. I tend to leave out any moving objects: people, transport birds, clouds and things. This gives the viewer more of a personal vantage. 'More sense of place than time' (or so I’ve been told). And I do love a nice colour palette!


E: Which is your favourite childhood place? The one you keep nice memories about.

S: Fave childhood place? It would have to be Whistling Sands on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. Genuinely sand which ‘whistled’ when you walked on it. That’s enough to keep any child happy right? That and the epic surf!

E: Are you currently based in Bristol or in London? Which one wins?

S:  Based in Bristol (moved from London). Massive fan of Devon, Somerset Cornwall & South Wales so by default Bristol wins. Sorry London.


E: Favourite spot in Bristol?

S: Er, on the sand?

E: Name your favourite artist and piece of art made by them?

S: Since childhood - Alphonse Mucha. Such a stunning mix of design, balance, typography and colour. Personally I think he gave more to the world of design than any other (strong words indeed!) Fave piece: Poster for Gismonda - eventually seen in the flesh at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery last year - I thought I’d pop! Obvs Lautrec, Rodin and Hockney are snapping at his heels!


E: Do you like Christmas? What are you looking forward to the most this festive season?

S: I’m a great fan of a mid winter celebrations to get through the darkest days, yes. The best things about it is the family, friends and food (order is subject to change). Oh and the excuse to make a round of cocktails at any time of day (kick started with a large White Russian!)


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