Artist Highlight: Sophie Ward

Posted by East End Prints on 13th Nov 2020

Artist Highlight: Sophie Ward

The advent of our Astrology and Astronomy launch seemed like as good excuse as any to catch up with EEP favourite tough mutha artist, Sophie Ward. We talked home, star signs and lockdown kitchen discos. If you want to shop any of Sophie's latest prints - or her epic Feminist bestselling classics - head over to her artist page to see the full set

Let’s start off with a little bit about your background. Where are you from originally and where in the world do you find yourself currently?

Croydon as a kid, Surrey as a teen, East London as a youth and back to surrey 3 years ago! I was gutted to leave London, we were priced out from an area I really felt we had helped to grow but Farnham where I live now is amazing. I love the wild woods and lake swimming but really, the community here is everything, I never realised until moving here how having that can lift your life up to another level. It's such a simple thing that can make the world of difference to your life.

We are a little bit obsessed with your latest collection of star sign print and card designs, was it fun designing them?

YES! I took my time with them as they were an idea started over lockdown and I loved working with Emma, who I met on Instagram at the same time. I really like the idea of capturing a star sign in one word - that most appeals to that personality. So for example, Emma and I went back and forth over scorpio, but I felt like a scorpio would love being called brave so we went for that. Others are deeply personal. when Emma suggested them they just resonated with me so much, in particular Virgo's, The Mother, which is my partner, daughter and mothers star sign. I knew I didn't want to always use the most obvious symbols for each so that was a cool challenge. Honestly who wants a picture of scales on their walls?

What’s your star sign and do you think there is anything in it?

Libra! and honestly my head says no, it's all a load of woo woo and then I look at my own traits and the signs of my loved ones and its just so spot on. I believe in nature and space and the stars has long fascinated me. I believe in the power of the moon and that theres a bigger energy out there than my own sensibility can justify and am very open minded to the fact that there is something in it.

What are some of the thoughts that are fuelling the direction of your work at the moment?

Nature, hope, dance, perseverance, resilience, ok, try.

What are your passions outside of the studio?

I wish I could tell you! Travel, holidays, yoga, running, socialising, fine dining, but honestly RN I've got three young kids, and i love my job, and we're in the middle of a pandemic so outside parenthood and work I sit on the sofa and drink wine LOL! Next year its my 40th and I have some big travel plans and hope to get back to doing all my favourite things listed above.

If there is such a thing, would you give us a sense of a typical day in the studio for you?

MUSIC ON, pack orders, Instagram, emails, new projects. 

We loved your DJ and dance sessions on Instagram. Do you have any funny anecdotes from your time in lockdown?

Those Saturday raves really did keep me and my partner going, They became something to look forward to like a normal Saturday and an anchor for the week where everyday was the same. I really miss them. The power of a huge release and dancing like a crazy person in your front room to really loud music with your best mates is amazingly freeing and we always felt on a high afterwards. The kids loved it too, we would spend ages doing face paint and making head-dresses and glittering ourselves up while my partner set up the decks and then all just have it for a couple of hours. Our neighbours hate us now.

Which magazines can we find on your coffee table?

Whats a magazine?

Has the pandemic and current global situation taught you anything about yourself you didn’t know?

That I'm really resilient and adaptable. I don't really want to waste any time being unhappy and miserable. And that I love my work and am incredibly lucky to have that passion.

Sophie Ward Zodiac Prints

Quick Fire Questions:

The best album ever made to your knowledge? NOPE! TOO HARD

Cats or Dogs? DOGS

Name three songs currently on heavy rotation in your studio when it is time to get to





What is your go to sandwich filling? CHICKEN AVO/OR SALMON IF I'M FEELING CLASSY

Christmas cake or Christmas pudding? PUDDING! CAKE IS GROSS AND FOR GRANNIES ONLY 

Thanks as always to Sophie Ward for being the life and soul and giving us life through her work!