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Achieving a Level of Calm with Landscape Art Prints

Posted by East End Prints on 13th Jan 2022

Achieving a Level of Calm with Landscape Art Prints

Landscape inspired art has the ability to ground us, by bringing a piece of nature into our homes and reminding us of the beauty all around. As technology advances and our cities rapidly expand, it can become easy to get lost in the chaos of it all. Explore Dan Hobday and Ana Rut Bre for show stopping landscape prints, or explore Landscape Art here.

A good piece of landscape Art can cut through all the noise, draw you in to its vast, wild environment, and force you to take a breath and just slow down. Landscape art is a fantastic way of introducing a level of calm into your home, to expertly balance out the flurry of modern life.

What Makes Good Landscape Art?

While landscape art may seem like a simple endeavour on the surface, capturing that perfect scene that transports the viewer to another place can prove incredibly difficult. With so many of us taking shots of our environment every day using our smartphones, finding a shot that truly stands out has become increasingly difficult.

Great landscape prints are those that reframe the ordinary and force us to look at something in a new way. The best landscape artists make use of natural lines, dramatic weather conditions, and a little creative thinking to capture the true essence of the land around us.

What Makes a Landscape Print Right for Me?

Typically, landscapes incorporate imagery of nature, with shots of dramatic mountains, lakes and forests being commonplace. More broadly though, landscapes can also include urban or industrial settings, in both cases often highlighting the juxtaposition of structures against the landscape.

With the subject matter being so broad, finding the right landscape artwork for you is mainly a case of finding a piece that speaks to you on some level. We all have unique emotional triggers attached to different environments, so look for a print that makes you feel a connection.

Where Does a Landscape Print Look Best?

Landscape prints are incredibly versatile and are truly a great fit for any room in the home. The main thing to focus on here is the feeling that an individual piece creates, and which room that may be suitable for.

For example, shots of the beach, the ocean, or anything nautical are a great choice to decorate a bathroom, while calming imagery of mountains and forests may be a better choice to balance out the energy in a busy office space.

Browse Our Gorgeous Range of Landscapes at East End Prints

At East End Prints, we have a huge selection of prints available that show off the very best landscape imagery we could find. If you are looking to breathe some life into a neglected space, or to bring a sense of calm into a particularly busy environment, our range of landscape prints is sure to have the perfect piece of artwork to complement your home.

If you would like more tips on how to expertly style art prints in your home, take a look at our blog for more inspiration, or visit our social channels to stay up to date on all the latest trends.