Urban Jungle
Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle


This abstract art print from Seventy Tree combines both the beauty and colour of the organic world with geometric architectural shapes to form a striking graphic design.

Explore the ‘Urban Jungle’ with this contemporary graphic art print design by Seventy Tree. A tropical, tribal pattern of shape and texted colour that retains a handmade feel.

A striking use of geometric shapes that will conjure up dreams of tropical leaves, plants, trees and organic forms.

A print of an original pen and ink design that is perfectly balanced in terms of colour and composition. With vibrant pinks and purples, to rich blues and natural tones.

Available framed in black to really set off this sophisticated and minimalist abstract print. Create a vibrant focal point in your home.

This print comes in SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE framed and unframed.

210gsm acid free archival paper with a small white border.

By Seventy Tree

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