SIVELLINK is a Copenhagen based graphic design studio, owned and run by Emma Sivell. Alongside her client illustration and graphic design work there is a growing collection of SIVELLINK designed posters. 

“I grew up in Croydon in the south of London – an urban outgrowth of concrete. Now I live in one of the planet’s most beautiful cities. Copenhagen, a city that celebrates its versatile design history and showing no signs of slowing down. The sheer volume of design is overwhelming and it inspires me every day,”says Emma.

When we first saw the London Wildlife series we fell in love with it, so here we bring you the 8 prints in the series for the first time in the UK. Who has seen a Seal in the Thames ? And what about a cheeky fox hanging around number 10! We love the wildlife of London and feel these prints sum up our relationship with the architecture and animals in the city we inhabit.