Order from Chaos by Parris Wakefield - Limited Edition Print


Order from Chaos by Parris Wakefield was made into a print to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amelia's Magazine. This image also appears in the book That Which We Do Not Understand.

Order from Chaos was inspired by an interest in science, astronomy and nature, and ponders some big questions. ‘How did the universe begin? Why does the natural world follow the same mathematical patterns? Is it chance or some greater force at work, that brings such order from chaos?’ The geometric pattern follows the rules of the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, which is applicable to the growth of every living thing. 

A3 archival quality inkjet giclee print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm with faux gold leaf on a geometric pattern. The print features a protective matte gloss varnish which gives a beautiful finish. 

Titled and Numbered, Limited Edition of 10: once they're gone they're gone.

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