Framed Art Prints

All of our digital art prints are available as framed art prints. Our frames are made from sustainably sourced wood. We now are very happy to offer our customers a wide or a narrow frame for their art prints in either a white or black moulding. They come with a high quality acrylic glaze that is optically the same as glass and gives the added benefit of being very light-weight.

Because we print on demand you can choose to receive your favourite art prints in the size and framing style of your choice. We offer prints and framed art prints in sizes A3-A1 and our contemporary framed wall art prices begin at £40.00. To get the east end prints eclectic style we recommend choosing a range of wide and narrow framed art prints in a mixture of black and white.  

Our limited edition range can be framed in our shop on brick lane. We are also able to offer a custom framing service at our shop so if you already own a piece of wall art you would like a frame for we have a wide range of contemporary frame mouldings for you to choose from.

When it comes to wall art, framed art prints are a brilliant way to explore and express your personality and likes in your home. Our modern framed art prints are affordable and work well in groups. Whatever your taste, colour palette or theme, finding multiple framed art prints to create your own gallery wall is easy on our online shop. 

East End Prints is a small art print publishers based in our print shop and gallery in London’s east end. We publish and print artwork by over 75 different artists from all over the world. Our artists are a diverse range of makers and they give the East End Prints’ collection its diverse and eclectic look. Publishing artwork by independent artists means every time you buy wall art from us both online and in our shop on Brick Lane, London, we are able to support that creative community.