Trade Material Clearance Policy


Trade Material Clearance Policy

We love seeing our prints being used in any project! This guide is for you if you are purchasing prints from us for a project in Film, TV or Advertising where you require clearance to use our prints.

How does it work? 

If you are looking to purchase prints for a project where our artists work will be being photographed, filmed or otherwise reproduced you will need to procure material clearance permission from us. 

Please email with an outline of your project, the timeline you are working to and our team will be happy to help you get the ball rolling with your order. When you contact us we will ask if you hold an account with us. If you are new to East End Prints we will be happy to guide you through the account opening process. During this process we can discuss discount options available to you depending on the nature of your project..

Our team will be able to advise you if the print selections you have made will be eligible for clearance. Whilst the majority of our prints will be eligible, some are not so please do check with us before you make a purchase.

We appreciate that time is often very tight with projects of this nature and our small team will do our best to be as accommodating as possible. Therefore the more information our team can have up front about deadlines is valuable in enabling us to find solutions for you on a tight turnaround. 


Whilst we recognise that crediting is not always possible, we do ask that all prints be credited as “published by East End Prints” with the name of the artist wherever possible.


I need to purchase and take away prints in under 7 working days, what are my options?

We are very happy to help you in our Brick Lane shop where you can choose from our shop stock, subject to clearance suitability. All of our products are made to order and will therefore not be able to order in prints for you or order them to your address in under 7 working days. We kindly ask that you contact us prior to your arrival so we can give you an account form to complete before you make your purchase. 

You don’t have a particular print in the shop, can I order it in? 

We can order in prints to the shop or to an address of your choice but you will need to allow us 7 working days for orders to be processed and dispatched. Our standard wholesale T&Cs apply, which can be requested from our team. 

How will I know what I can get clearance for?

Our team is able to advise you on what we can and cannot clear from both our digital and limited edition ranges. Whether you are coming into the shop to collect or ordering online, we can give you guidance before you have purchased your prints. 

How does seeking clearance for use in a production work at EEP?

When you come to us with your selection a member of the team will advise as to whether they can be cleared. Once you have a set of prints that are right for you and cleared we will need you to provide us with a material release form for the project or production. We will then fill out this form detailing the print titles, sizes and SKUs and sign it to be returned to you. We then kindly request you sign it and return a completed version to us for your records. Please contact for assistance.

Do you offer a discount?

Yes, we do offer a discount for these types of projects which you will have access to once you have signed up to hold an account with us. You can do this in advance by emailing or alternatively you may fill out a form in our shop if you have made contact prior to your visit. This is so we may understand and verify the project and company you are buying on behalf of. 

Can you request clearance permissions from limited editions?

Limited editions can be cleared for use at the discretion of the artist. We would liaise with our artists on your behalf to organise this for you, but please be aware this process can incur up to two weeks extra lead time. In order to speed up the process we ask that you provide us with an outline of your project so we may approach the artist with it to seek permission. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee our artists will give clearance permissions for all projects. 

Are there any digital prints that you won’t be able to clear? 

Almost all of our digital collection is cleared for TV, Film and advertising use, we will let you know on your order if there are any we cannot clear. 

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