Lucky Budgie

This print is one of our fantastic limited editions which are made in the artist's studio. These are dispatched from our London shop and will arrive separately to digital prints in your order. For framing options you can visit our Brick Lane shop for our Bespoke Framing Service or buy our Just A Frame product for editions which come in a standard size.

A fugitive budgie in a post-cowboy world... Pea rides the dusty plains of typography & hot beverages with his canine companion, Ernie, the Weetabix kid. One half of Aardvarkonsea Printmongers, Pea is a self confessed type nerd & ink monkey; channeler of white spirit & lemon polenta cake. When they're not making prints in their studio in Hastings, Pea & Ernie like to eat old fashioned breakfast cereals, chase the squirrels of Sussex & snooze on the sofa afterwards.