Jorgen Hansson

  • Sitting Woman V

    This elegant ink illustration by artist Jorgen Hansson would be perfect for adding a little calm and sensuality to your home. Hang it in your bathroom with some peace lilies or ferns to create a little oasis for yourself. 210gsm acid free...

  • Sitting Woman III

    We love this expressive monochrome print by artist Jorgen Hansson. This print would work well as the central piece in a gallery wall, hang it with some black and white photographs to add a little sophistication to your space. 210gsm acid free...

  • Leaves XI

    Get ready for autumn with this simple and lovely print by Jorgen Hansson. We think it would look great in a kitchen to add a little style and colour, the golden tone would set off your copper pans nicely. 210gsm acid free archival paper from...

  • Female Lines II

    Less is more with this elegant print by Jorgen Hansson, we love the fluid line in this print and the little details in the woman's silhouette. Perfect for hanging a living room to create a feeling of grown-up style. 210gsm acid free archival...

  • Female Lines I

    We love this calming print by artist Jorgen Hansson, perfect for a bathroom or living room to add a relaxing and sensual touch to the space. This monochrome print would also look great on a statement colour wall. 210gsm acid free archival...

  • Female

    This elegant monochrome line drawing by Jorgen Hansson would be perfect for creating a relaxing vibe in your bedroom. Hang it on a gallery shelf with some potted plants and curate some of your jewellery collection near it. 210gsm acid...

  • Monsterra II

    It's become a cult feature of interior plant lovers in recent times. A new angle of the leaves and sparse composition of the Monsterra plant is a great way of celebrating this plant icon in a subtle way. Introduce a touch of green leafiness into your...

  • Monsterra I

    It's become a cult feature of interior plant lovers in recent times. This graphic composition of the Monsterra plant lends a handmade quality to an otherwise digital print. With the strokes of the artists brush being visible this print will bring...