Bernstock Speirs

Paul Bernstock and Thelma Speirs met whilst studying Fashion in London and in 1982 established the label Bernstock Speirs. Inspired by the underground club and music scene, they began creating men’s and women’s hats which challenged the traditional ideas of millinery. Bernstock Speirs design and manufacture the hats from their studio in Shoreditch, the heart of London’s East End, where Paul & Thelma have lived, worked and partied for the last thirty years.

  • Samples

    Exude confidence with this pink and blue fashion inspired print by Bernstock Speirs. Perfect for a girl's bedroom to add a sense of girl power, place it on a shelf with your fashion treasures to create a chic talking piece in your home. 210gsm acid...

  • Mini

    We love the chic palette of this fashion inspired print by Bernstock Speirs. Add a sense of style and mystery to your home with this print, perfect for a living room to show your personal taste or as a statement piece on a gallery wall. 210gsm acid...

  • Machine Wash

    Be inspired to strut your stuff with this fashion inspired print by Bernstock Speirs. We love the text and collage elements of this stylish print. Use it to create a sense of eclectic glamour in your home or studio, or hang it in your laundry...

  • Dress Less

    Dress your walls with this fashionable illustration by Bernstock Speirs. We love the bright and girly palette of this print, ideal to add a feminine touch to your space. Hang it near your dressing space or in your bedroom to add a moment of fashion...

  • All New

    Kick start your interior design anew with this bold and colourful print by Bernstock Speirs. This stylish illustration will add a sense of glamour and style to any space, perfect as a statement piece for a hallway or transition space, or to add a...

  • Talking Fashion

    Looking to add a little glamour and Parisian style to your home? Sashay away with this fashion illustration inspired print by Bernstock Speirs. Primary colours and a sassy silhouette make this print perfect for letting your home or studio express...

  • Bold

    Be bold and be inspired to strut your stuff with this fashion forward print by Bernstock Speirs. This print is perfect for a bedroom or a hallway to remind you to embrace your true self and follow your own inner style. 210gsm acid free archival...