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Why you should be buying art prints and how it supports artists

Posted by East End Prints on 4th Jun 2021

Why you should be buying art prints and how it supports artists

Especially over the past year, as we have all spent more time in our homes, what we put on the walls has become even more important. Art prints can be an easy and (often) inexpensive way to bring an inspiring aesthetic into your home or workplace. Buying prints is a great way to improve your own everyday experience and can also mean that you’re supporting the artists you love too.

How can you buy art prints?

The term ‘art print’ can mean many different things. For example, it could be a lithograph, woodcut or screen print of which there are actually only a limited number available. This type of print is often considered similar to an original artwork because there is an effort-filled process involved in making it. A printer may have had to make a block or a screen and the process of printing may have been a manual and time consuming one. If you have the funds to buy this type of print it can be a really original and valuable addition to your artwork collection. You’ll normally be able to see whether this is what you’re buying by looking for a number in one of the bottom corners - 2/20, for example, means that this is the second print in a run of just 20. These more intensively produced prints tend to be more expensive but they are also worth it, as they are authentic and can be passed down through generations.

The digital reproduction

There is a certain amount of snobbery that surrounds digital reproductions simply because they are not an original artwork. However, for many people buying an original piece simply isn’t feasible or desirable and that’s why digital reproductions can be such a great option. They are cost effective and they are a simple way to bring the joy of a particular artist into any space.

How art prints support artists

●Helping newer artists to increase their audience. If you’re looking to buy from artists that don’t yet have a market established then you can help them to reach new people simply by buying their art prints. This is one of the main reasons many artists offer a wide range of prints, including digital reproductions. If you find an artist you like then reach out to them and enquire about prints of their work - that way you’ll be getting a new and exciting piece and they are expanding their audience.

●Generating cash flow. Many artists don’t have a regular income to rely on and art prints can help provide essential cash flow. This is often why artists make cheaper digital reproductions as well as producing the originals.

●Encouraging more people to get into art. The more you invest time and resources into art prints the more likely the people around you will be inspired to as well. Artists need all the support they can get at the moment and that could be something as simple as a new customer buying a digital art print inspired by something they’ve seen on your wall.

Art prints are a great way to bring vibrant and inspiring pieces into your space while supporting the artist too. For all of your art print needs, be sure to contact us at EastEndPrints today and support some of the artists we work with.