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Ways art can help you work better from the home office

Posted by East End Prints on 8th Sep 2021

Ways art can help you work better from the home office

Art looks good and can bring interest and detail to any space. But did you know that it also has the potential to improve the way that you work from home? Since the beginning of the pandemic more and more people have established a brand new home office - 40% of employees were working completely from home in September last year and, despite many offices reopening, home working is going to remain a permanent shift for many. As a result, the home office has become a pivotal space - and what you put on the walls could have a big influence on the benefit you get from it.

Inspiration and motivation

This isn’t about one or two inspirational quotes but creating a space filled with images and ideas that connect with, and inspire, you. Choose pieces that reflect your own self-identity and art in which you can see yourself and your family and friends, whether that’s a beach or a landscape. View the walls in your home office as a giant vision board and choose art that brings energy and enthusiasm to life.

Use art to give your eyes a break

Spending all day looking at a screen can cause some serious eye strain. You can counter this with art in your home office that encourages you to take a break and rest your eyes on another texture, colour or image that is not on the screen. Choose visually stimulating pieces and place them adjacent to your screen to encourage regular breaks.

Resonating professional goals and successes

As this is a professional workspace it has the potential to give new impetus to the way you see yourself and your work. The key here, according to the Harvard Business Review, is to focus on the meaningfulness of the work being done. Choose pieces that represent the parts of your work you’re proud of, where you make a difference and the people who matter in that context.

Colour psychology and productivity

Art that incorporates shades of blue, green or teal has been found to be especially effective in terms of encouraging the brain to focus. If you’re looking to create a space that feels calm and allows for effortless concentration then lighter shades are the key. Bolder, brighter colours like pink and orange can bring energy to your workspace - but use them wisely and in small doses to avoid eye fatigue.

Improved mood and reduced stress

Many studies have shown how looking at art can trigger multiple areas of the brain. One study in a medical clinic found that people had improved mood and reduced stress from looking at art in the waiting room. Images of nature have been found to be particularly calming and very effective in reducing anger.

Communication and connections

Art can also have an impact on personal connections and the way that we build relationships with colleagues and contacts. A study carried out at Harvard found that art in the workplace could make more open communication possible, as well as more positive relationships.

The right art can have a huge impact on your workspace, from motivating you to reach for professional goals to facilitating concentration and positive communication.

Whether you are working from the kitchen, the bedroom or the using the small closet as your office when working from home, we have pulled together our top selection of artwork for the different rooms in your life to help you get the creative juices flowing.