Timeless Design Icons: Classic Chairs

Posted by Lauren Pennycott on 9th Apr 2019

Timeless Design Icons: Classic Chairs

Modern classic chairs. Will they ever go out of style? We doubt it. Classic designer chairs have a funny way of transforming an ordinary room into a spectacular space. But, while not everyone can afford to have their own Barcelona Chair to lounge upon, we think a stylish print is the next best thing. The marvellous Jazzberry Blue has produced a gorgeous collection of prints which celebrate the great design classics to bring some iconic lift to your home.

Fibreglass Chair Print by Jazzberry Blue

Forged by the mid century modern era gods of furniture design, these chairs were the epitome of innovation when they were first conceived and still top the charts today as the greatest for their resilience and timeless design. 

Not just a pretty print...Each Jazzberry Blue print has spec notes on the pictured design including who designed it, manufacture dates and even their dimensions.

Barcelona Chair Print by Jazzberry Blue

Possibly the most comfortable of all is the Eames Lounge chair. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames, this represents the pinnacle of this mid-century wave of modern seating. It was constructed in 1956 with a plywood frame and leather cushioning but now comes in a variety of upholstery  and base wood variations.

Jazzberry Blue Chairs

The Eames Aluminium Group series is a line of furniture designed by Charles and Ray Eames. Despite being an icon of office furniture, it was originally commissioned as outdoor seating for the home of J. Irwin Miller (founder of Cummins Engines).  

Orange 108 Office Chair Print by Jazzberry Blue

With thanks to for excerpts from there brilliant article on the history of Classic Chairs.