The Little Prints: An Exhibition

Posted by Lauren Pennycott on 14th Oct 2019

The Little Prints: An Exhibition

The Little Prints is all about encouraging emerging artists and their practices. We had a brilliant response to our open call which has resulted in an exclusive exhibition of mini prints. Featuring works from both recent graduates and established practitioners in the UK, The Little Prints celebrates a new collection limited digital mini prints.The brief for The Little Prints was to think small; getting back to basics and focusing on the details. We wanted to bring out a range of accessible and affordable prints whilst maintaining our core goals of promoting new work from independent artists and making walls beautiful.

Join the Facebook event for the opening of The Little Prints here.

The Little Prints exhibition is a limited run of numbered digital editions that will be available in the shop in both A4 (£15.00) and A5 (£10.00). Each design will also be available on the East End Prints website for the exhibition.

Who's in the show?

Clara Jean Moseley : Currently based in Nottingham, Clara is a self-taught illustrator and product designer. Her design practice focuses on floral and nature related themes as well as incorporating hand letting and graphic design. 

Emily Pool is based in Watford, London, her passion for travelling is a strong influence in her work. Emily's love for sketching out quirky buildings or foods lead to her digital artwork creations. Her colour palette is bold whilst keeping the line-work delicate, an approach which flows through Emily's other projects such as children book illustration and branding.

Jade They is a printmaker and illustrator based in South East London. Jade grew up near the New Forest and her prints are often centred on literature, landscapes and world folklore. Predominantly working with relief print and screen prints Jade aims to inter-weave her duel Chinese/English Heritage into her visual language. Jade has exhibited at Bankside Gallery, South HillPark Arts Centre, The London Illustration Fair and Neo:gallery amongst others.

Josh Mailman is both from and presently based in Montreal, Canada. Josh's design for this exhibition came from his looking at something that people living in and around London are familiar with experience on a daily basis. Josh chose this particular subject because of it's simple and streamlines design which fits well within his artistic style. You can follow Josh and his work on Instagram @donebyjosh. 

Nina Goodyer is an illustrator hwo uses lo-fi printing techniques, such as stencils and combines them with digital drawing techniques. Nina enjoys creating images that are candy-coloured and nostalgic but are balanced by their rough texture. Originally from Brighton, Nina is currently based in South London.

Liisa Chisholm has a broad practice incorporating illustration, ceramics, textile design and animation. Liisa loves to experiment with shape and form and likes to let a sense of play permeate all of her work. Originally from Calgary, Canada, she is currently based in South London. 

Steph Kedik has a background in contemporary abstract painting. This informs her current digital print work which is defined by it's use of bold colour, eclectic range of floating visual elements and a playful approach to composition. Steph reflects that "At the heart of all my work is a passion for the emotional power of colour". Steph is based in Norfolk, UK. 

Jaybird Illustration : Hannah Gilson is a London based illustrator whose mixed media practice combines painting, screen printing and drawing.Evolving from a predominantly fine arts background, her work has naturally settled with hand drawn and digital illustration, where she engages with popular culture and aesthetics. Hannah is from and currently based in London.

Jean Ardhita Muis : Currently practicing as a graphic designer and photographer, amongst other things. Jean’s breadth of work is mainly inspired by intimacy and personal connection, both within herself and in her relationships with others. Her abstract art is a way to communicate her unconscious mind, deep thoughts and feelings.

Katy Edelsten likes making, painting, clay-ing, playing and any-other-things. With a lot of colours, patterns, a dou-ble dollop of humour and a side serving of silliness she question themes and things like people, relation-ships, the everyday bonkers-ness of living and loving, creativity, positivity, madness and anxiety. Katy is originally from Winchester and has lived and worked in London for 8 years. 

Monika Jurczyk is a truly international gem. Born and raised in Poland, she has lived in Spain, Japan, Vietnam, the USA and currently is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Of her work Monika says "When I draw or letter, I celebrate fantasy. I love working with bold colours, playful lines and strong shapes to create fun characters (and typefaces) from imaginary worlds. There are still so many of them out there waiting to be drawn!".

Amalia Lopez is from Spain and is currently based in Oxford, UK. Amalia describes her work as "...pure geometric abstraction and are not to be over thought. I want to communicate in a very instinctive and primal way through contrasting shapes and by colour interaction." 

Nancy Giordano is Italian born and based in London. Nancy's practice is mainly focused on the representation of emotions through characters - often women - and sometimes narrating daily routines (commuting, working, etc..). Nancy told us "I am very influenced by my Mediterranean origins especially with the choice of rich and vibrant colours.".

Eloise Holmes works from her studio in Leigh-on-Sea, within close proximity to London. A graduate from Chelsea College of Art textile design course, she specialises in both woven cloth and colour & trend forecasting. Eloise's submission for The Little Prints is from her wider photography practice.