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The importance of framing in art

Posted by East End Prints on 1st Sep 2021

The importance of framing in art

Frames can be crucial to the experience we have of art. They not only enhance the way that the piece looks but can also play a key role in protecting it too. Some frames can even mean that the value of the artwork inside goes up when placed in it. The right frame is an extension of the piece of art that it sits around and should enhance and augment it - if you’re going to spend time and money on choosing beautiful pieces of art then it makes sense to ensure that the frame is worthy of your investment.

Why is framing so important in art?

As well as enhancing artwork and also protecting it, the frame has a number of other key roles to play. Perhaps the most important of these is the way that the frame influences how the viewer perceives the art. For example, a frame can suggest value - especially if it has been beautifully carved or made from an unusual material - and can hint at exclusivity and status. The frame can also be used to express the personality of the individual who owns the art and echo artistic judgment and insight. The right frame has a lot to offer artwork, so what does that look like?

Choosing the right frame

It’s important to note that a bad frame can actually damage artwork, and not just visually. As well as creating a poor experience for the viewer of a piece, a poor frame could also do physical damage. A low quality frame may mean that mould appears inside it or that the paint of the artwork starts to crack. So, how do you make sure that you’re choosing the right frame for you, and for the pieces that you invest in?

  • Find the right structure. Different frames provide different support to artwork and you’ll need to make sure that you pick the right one. Artwork on paper, as well as prints and photographs, for example, will need a mount board - such as cardboard - as well as glass. Acid-free mount boards and UV protective glass can make a big difference to how your pieces look after several years on your walls.
  • Choosing the right materials. Frames come in a whole wide range of options when it comes to materials so put some thought into whether you want metal, wood, plastic, ceramic etc. Bear in mind the aesthetic impact but also long term wear and tear and the potential for rust etc.
  • Make sure the frame doesn’t overshadow the art. Whatever type of frame you choose, remember that the viewer should still be looking at the art and not the frame. An overly-extravagant frame can detract from what’s inside it.
  • Opt for a frame that compliments the work. Contrast can sometimes work well in the right hands but, for most of us, the best option is going to be a frame that matches the piece. So, a classic frame for a classic piece of art or something more contemporary if the art inside is much more recent.

If you’re investing in art then finding the right frame for it is crucial.

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