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The 5 hottest colours for summer 2021

Posted by East End Prints on 14th Jul 2021

The 5 hottest colours for summer 2021

Summer is all about colour, whether you’re looking at fashion runways or art prints for your wall. While many of us opt for more muted tones during the colder days, when the sun is shining there is much more enthusiasm for pastels, brights, even neons and a bit of metallic sparkle. If you’re keen to engage with the boldest colour palettes around right now, these are the 5 hottest colours for summer 2021.

  1. Sunshine yellow. It’s perhaps no surprise that this colour makes it into the hot list for the summer. Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that the British summer hasn’t (yet) excelled where sunshine is concerned, yellow tones are the goal to aim for, especially if you’re looking to do what the weather can’t. Pastels, such as a custard or sherbert lemon yellow are especially on point.
  2. Juicy orange. There’s something about a shade of orange that just comes alive during the summer months in a way that this powerful colour doesn’t do without an injection of sunshine. Orange colours are a key trend for summer 2021, from those that are straight from the juice glass to the more sophisticated end of the scale where you’ll find some dominant red tones. For those trying out this shade for the first time, a coral-driven orange can be a great place to start.
  3. Bold pink. Another seasonal favourite, pink is a shade that many of us reserve for the summer months because it blends so well with the other tones of summer. Pink also has a huge amount of variation, which means that anyone can find their ideal shade somewhere on the colour spectrum. Hot pink and neon pink remain key favourites at this time of year and are no doubt at the more vibrant end of the scale. But a dusky rose pink or a powdery pastel shade can make just as much of a statement.
  4. Magenta. Whatever variation you opt for with this incredibly energetic shade there is no getting away from just how bold it is. Magenta comes in a whole wide range of different variations, from shades that are driven by a purple streak to those that are more balanced out by red or pink. It is an eye-catching shade that also plays well with others as long as you get the colour combinations right (if all else fails try black or metallics).
  5. Tennis ball green. Wimbledon may be over but it’s left behind a fascination with that shade we’ve seen flashing across the courts in the past two months (is it yellow? Is it green?). Tennis ball green is a hot colour for this summer not just for the sporting references but also the uniqueness of the shade, which can look different in different lights but which is always going to be punchy and bold wherever it appears.

The summer season is a great time to start experimenting with colours, not just because the light is ideal but as there are so many more shades around. Pick the colour that you like the most and then find shade that appeals. Discover colour and shop by your favourites on our website or come visit our Brick Lane based store.