Taste The Fresh Salty Air

Posted by East End Prints on 21st Jul 2020

Taste The Fresh Salty Air

Want to create space in a room that is giving you cabin fever?

Broaden those horizons and add some much needed distance with a long range landscape or photographic celebration of far away places.

Sparse space at home or in the office often demands rooms to have more than one function. And recently, we know all too well that this has been put into practice in a big way.

Lend fresh air to a wall in you living room-come-office-come dining room with incredible wall art which takes you to new vistas.

With exceptional painting, stunning photography and intricate illustration, this collection is as eclectic as the planet itself.  All available in in sizes A3-A1, you can have a beautiful slice of a far away place in a sustainably sourced frame in the size that suits you and your space. All our products are manufactured in the UK and come ready to hang so all you have to do is hang them up!

From left to right: Frozen In Time and Solo Walk by 83 Oranges, Mountain Scape V by Florent Bodart and Cove by Emily Powell