Our Obeche Wood Frames: Making Your Artwork Pop

Our Obeche Wood Frames: Making Your Artwork Pop

Posted by East End Prints on 28th Apr 2022

At East End Prints we’re passionate about art (you probably knew that already), but did you know that we’re equally passionate about keeping your art protected and helping you to display the beautiful prints you order in high-quality frames? Here’s a little bit of info on our stunning Obeche wood frames, and why we think they add a ton of value to your artwork.

What is Obeche Wood?

Obeche wood (also known as African maple wood) is a strong but lightweight hardwood. Native to Western Africa, its solid composition and lack of weight makes it the perfect option for our frames, and its natural appearance makes it even better for proudly displaying your art in homes, offices and shared spaces of all styles.

The benefits of framing your artwork:


One of the main advantages of framing your artwork is protecting it. Not only does adding a solid frame prevent scratches and damage to corners and edges that can often happen over time, but it can also prevent yellowing and discolouration that occurs naturally when art is hung unprotected.


In the same way that artwork and prints can help you reflect your personality in your space,

frames allow you to integrate your artwork flawlessly into your interior décor, and with all of the styles and colours available, it's easy to find a frame to reflect you and your vision. Both prints and frames can say a lot about your personality and it’s the perfect opportunity to put your stamp on it.

(Make sure you check out How to Hang 101 to make sure you get hanging your artwork just right!)


Framing your artwork can help elevate it. Bold, complimentary frames make your new favourite piece pop. Different styles of frames can completely transform the meaning of your artwork or prints. More natural wooden frames will make a piece feel very different to vibrant, colourful frames, so you have a lot of flexibility to choose what works for you.


Building a gallery wall, or just using your designer brain to make a room look great? Using the same frames consistently can tie together your artwork or prints from different suppliers or artists and create a style that you can use throughout. You could even use different colours of the same wood if you’re feeling fancy.

Why are our obeche wood frames great?

We’re probably biased here, but we think our frames are amazing. A good frame is often the underappreciated final touch that art needs. If it matches your style, protects the piece and, most importantly, enhances the artwork, then it can really make a room.

Sustainably sourced with a high-quality glazed finish, our beautiful obeche wood frames are available in wide and narrow mouldings to suit your style.

We also have a selection of colours available, and whether you go for our oak, black, or white frame, the high-quality finish is sure to make your artwork captivating.

Not only that, but the frames come in a ton of sizes, perfect for posters and prints from huge A1 masterpieces all the way down to your newest 30cm x 30cm gem. (Just be sure to check the sizing before you order!)

Ready to refresh your artwork?

Take a look at our selection of frames and add a couple to your next print order to start styling. You can even take a look at how we send your framed artwork to feel confident that, just like our prints, the frames are of the highest quality.