Mix media, bold colours and tropical vibes. Introducing: Carolin Loebbert

Posted by Rebeca Romero on 7th Jun 2018

Mix media, bold colours and tropical vibes. Introducing: Carolin Loebbert

Carolin Löbbert graduated in 2008 from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, majoring in Illustration and Graphic Design. Since then, she has presented her work in several group and solo shows – in Tokyo, Antwerp and Berlin among others – and published it in magazines and anthologies.

We have fallen in love with her beautiful graphic style and we are thrilled to have her in our range! We sat 5 min with Carolin and ask her about her inspirations and style

R. What inspires you?

C. Inspiration is a very absconding thing, you can not really summon it I think. Very often I get my inspiration when I am outside, going for a walk for example or playing with my daughter on the playground. Talking to people, listing to music, looking arround in a dusty, gloomy antique shop can summon inspiration too. I like old stuff that allready has got a history, old porcelain with little cracks, or antique frames with crumbling ornament battens.

Very often nature and the relation between mankind and nature is what I'm interetsed in. How did human kind behave according to nature in former times and why did this change in the course if the years. What's the relationship between mankind and nature at the moment and where will it go to? Also sociological structures arouse my interest. Are we only going forward, or are we going backwards too? Or is it a circle in which we are moving? These are questions which inspire me.

R. Name your favourite piece of art

C. Recently I am really interested in minimal and abstract art somehow, it is so difficult so reduce a piece of art just on the essence. I admire Frank Stella for example, he is a master of colours and forms, just wonderful. I like his artworks from the Kufa Gate series. Once we had the possibility to see his atelier near New York, a super huge hall filled with amazing art, tall canvas and sculptures, this was a very extraordinary moment for my wich inspires me till today.

R. If you could choose a favourite work of yours, which one would it be?

C. Wow, of course this is a difficult question, I guess it’s very typical for artists, that the critical eye you got for your own work is much more intense, then for the work of another artist. Lately I produced a new series, the Tropicana Series, in one artwork birds and parrots are sitting on minimal, linear branches, I like this work.

R.How would you describe your work?

C. I'm working with a mixture of medias, it can be digital but also manual, it depends on what I want to do and which style matches a project best.In general you can say, that my style is very graphical,playful, using bright, bold colours. My subjects are sometimes a bit crazy and weird, but mostly in a subtile and very humorous way.

If you would like to check out more of Carolin's beautiful work you can click here