Meet our Intern: Marlene Sandmann

Posted by Marlene Sandmann on 2nd Aug 2018

Meet our Intern: Marlene Sandmann

My name is Marlene and I am from Germany. I am 17 years old and have one year of school left. Currently I am in London working for East End Prints. I have spent the last seven weeks exploring the city and working in the shop. I’ve been to London a few times before, but only for some days doing basic tourist things. So it is very exciting for me to see other sides of the city. It is the first time for me being abroad for so long.

London is very different compared to the cities in Germany. People behave differently, they communicate way more and are happier, the atmosphere is way better and everything is more pleasant, in my opinion. I really enjoy the time here. Working for East End Prints is also an amazing experience! I do a lot of things with Photoshop, which I really like. I made a little video about the shop and the area and I also helped make the shop look a little bit nicer everyday. I framed some prints and put them in the shelves for example. But I also get in touch with customers and the other members of the team. The atmosphere during work is always happy and everyone is always positive! It is so much fun to work here.

The area around the shop is also beautiful. Brick Lane for example. I walk down the street very often during my lunch break and it is never getting boring! The street art in London is amazing, too. I love walking around and just looking at all the colourful walls.

I’ll be flying back home in about one week and I am very sad about it. I will definitely come back soon! London is just an amazing city and I will miss it so much. Additionally I think a changed a lot during the time here. I learned much about working and living in a big city and how to live on my own.

-We are going to miss you Marlene! Good Luck x