Japandi: The Latest Trend Sweeping the Interior Design World

Japandi: The Latest Trend Sweeping the Interior Design World

Posted by East End Prints on 4th Jan 2022

Japandi design is a style that has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years among interior designers and consumers alike. But what exactly is Japandi design, and how has it managed to rapidly gain so much traction? Like what you see? Click here to explore our newest collection of Japandi inspired prints

The rise of technology and the rapid advancements in our lives mean that everything has just become a little busy. We are constantly amid a perpetual battle for our attention, so it stands as no surprise that in the comfort of our own homes, many of us are seeking a sense of calm through minimalism.

What is Japandi Design?

Japandi design is the perfect balance of eastern and western interior design styles. Japandi takes core fundamentals from both modern Japanese and Scandinavian styles and blends them together to create something entirely new.

Japandi doubles down on minimalism with a strong focus on earthy tones and natural materials, to create a serene environment. Clean lines, bright natural light and basic decorations make for a fantastically simple yet effective design.


Dan Hobday and Chromakane

What Are the Key Concepts of Japanese Interior Design?

Japanese interior design incorporates the concept of Zen philosophy, which places importance on accepting flaws and imperfections. This is reflected in their interior styling through the ample use of natural materials and simplistic, organic shapes.

Modern Japanese design makes frequent use of wood and stone throughout the home to maintain a natural feel, whilst highlighting bright spaces. An emphasis is placed on symmetry and clean lines, with just a few bright decorative pieces thrown in to inject vibrance into the space.

What Are the Fundamentals of Scandi Interior Design?

Fundamentally like Japanese design, Scandinavian design also makes use of minimalism with clean lines and gentle colour palettes. Scandinavian design places a heavy focus on wood, with natural elements being a common theme throughout.

Scandinavian furniture is often designed to be highly functional and intuitive, while maintaining an understated look. Splashes of colour are usually introduced into the design using houseplants and expertly matched artwork.


Dan Hobday and The Crayon Studio

How to Create the Perfect Japandi Style

Based on the fundamentals of each style, it seems clear that they share several core concepts. This makes them a perfect match, and Japandi effortlessly achieves a style that incorporates key elements of both.

Natural materials are very much at the heart of Japandi design, with bright spaces and clean lines bringing the whole thing together. Rich natural colours are often prevalent to add depth to the minimalist design in Japandi spaces, with large plants acting as a centrepiece to break up the earthy tones.

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It can be difficult to find the perfect artwork to complete a meticulously crafted Japandi space. The ideal print is one that reflects the core fundamentals of the Japandi style, without detracting from the minimalist design principles.

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