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Here's why we need art in our homes…

Posted by East End Prints on 6th Oct 2021

Here's why we need art in our homes…

Art is often seen as an added extra when it comes to decorating our homes. It's a ‘nice to have’ that we leave to the last minute or just buy with whatever is left in the budget. Doing this undervalues the potential that exists in having art in our homes and just how much it can add to our daily lives. There are some very good reasons why we need art in our homes - these are just a few of them.

  • Art adds life to our homes. We live in a world today that is often dominated by digitalisation and machines. Having art in your home provides a contrast to this and can be a reminder of what it is to be human. It’s very easy to get carried away in the fast pace of life that is demanded by our devices and digitalisation but looking at a painting with thousands of brush strokes or a sculpture that took hours to finish can be a reminder that slowing down is an essential part of being human.
  • It’s a great form of self expression. What you put on the walls of your home says a lot about you and can be used as a way to express everything, from personality and ideas through to the feelings that you find it hard to vocalise.
  • Art can make us talk about emotions. Many people find it difficult to talk about feelings and sometimes even just to feel them. The impact of art is often to evoke powerful feelings in the viewer and can reflect back to us what we’re experiencing, what we want or how something really makes us feel. Having it in the home can also have a strong influence on our moods. For example, a cheerful painting can provide light relief when you walk through the door (or out of the home office) after a hard day.
  • It’s more than just decoration. Art can be something as simple as a painting that is pleasant to look at. However, it also has the potential to encourage us to challenge our own limits by confronting preexisting ideas we might have or being slightly uncomfortable to look at. Having artwork like this in your home is an opportunity to lean into a vulnerability that can lead you to expand into a much broader and more open minded place.
  • Courage and inspiration. As humans we tend to get easily stuck in habits and we all suffer from something of a negativity bias that can mean we assume the worst and get completely locked in our comfort zones. Having inspirational art in your home can encourage you again and again to break out of set patterns and limiting mindsets and find the courage to step into areas of life that feel challenging and require great courage.

Art isn’t just decoration for your walls - the right pieces can also inspire you and help you, and all those in your home, to become better humans and grow as a result.

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