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Happy PALentine's Day - Saturday 13th February

Posted by Helen Edwards on 8th Feb 2016

Happy PALentine's Day - Saturday 13th February

PALentine'S day is an event that takes place on 13th February.  If you are single and/or sick of the commercialization of Valentine's Day, you can spend this day hanging out with your best friends, eating pizza, watching movies, and playing video games. *

There are very few accurate google entries with regards to the historical context or initial sightings of this curious ritual, however with over 6millions couples likely to propose on Valentines Day,(USA 2013)  and 50% of couples who do marry will in fact end up divorcing, going to bed with a friend and a pizza doesn't sound such a bad idea. 

Some heart shaped pizza to inspire your Palentines Day feast. (Source's-day)

Celebrate a bromance, a group hug or a high five with your bezzies on the sofa. 



*Couples proposing on Valentines Day