Good Taste - The recipe for a beautiful home

Posted by Rebeca Romero on 4th Apr 2019

Good Taste - The recipe for a beautiful home

Hungry for great art? This month is all about tasteful design in the home. From modern prints to classic furniture. Bring joy to your kitchen walls. We have the prints that are the cherry on top!

Bring to life your print palette with the very finest in our food and drink range. With vintage posters, contemporary still lives and bold illustrations , the Good Taste edit is an eclectic recipe. Brighten up your kitchen walls, browse through our collection and pick your favourite print! Need some advice? Here are the staff picks from our Good taste campaign:

Espresso Italiano by Rosi Feist


Small Fish by Anek


Fiberglass chair by Jazzberry Blue


Beetroot by Anek


Stack of chairs by Rosi Feist