Get those walls bang on trend! Living Coral

Posted by Rebeca Romero on 19th Mar 2019

Get those walls bang on trend! Living Coral

Living Coral is the colour of 2019, according to Pantone. This warm and energising shade is represents the influence of digital and social media on our everyday lives, and aims to express our need for playfulness and wellness.

"Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral emulates the familiar and invigorating characteristics of colour found in our natural surroundings. Most commonly found beneath the waves, this bright and beautiful colour enthrals the eye and mind while replicating one of the many calming, kaleidoscopic colours formed by coral reefs"

After a long winter we couldn't be more ready for spring! Living Coral sets the mood for warmer days with its nature inspired qualities. Browse through our collection and find the print that fits best with your personal style.

Colourblock Leaves by Colour TV
Add a contemporary pop of colour to your walls with this leafy print by Colour TV
. Coral looks amazing when combined with botanicals!

Woah Man Coral
Make a bold statement in your home with this print, get some contemporary coral and teal colour clashing going with this print by Sophie Ward.


Frida by Florent Bodart
We are forever in love with Frida. Loving this version with a coral and yellow background by Florent Bodart!

Monoblock Plastic by Rosi Feist

Get seated and stare at this unique graphic of a monobloc chair. A bright and quirky still life print by Rosi Feist that has sophistication and fun in equal measure.

Get those walls bang on trend! Striking and warm, coral looks amazing when combined with gold, teal and botanical looks. Find them all in our stylish and fun print collection.