Gallery Wall Sets How To

Posted by East End Prints on 14th May 2020

Gallery Wall Sets How To

Our range team had a lot of fun pulling together the first four Gallery Wall Sets and have shared some of their tricks for creating balance and refreshing combinations that will reinvigorate your walls and bring new life to any home.

Creating a balanced gallery wall that reflects you and the tone you want to set in a room is a tricky thing to pull off well.To create a vibrant, dynamic and personal collection there are a few tricks in the book to help you strike a balance between wild chaos and to much matchy matchy. 

Taking a cue from a good school science experiment (you didn't think we were headed there did you?) is to establish some constants. Key ingredients like choosing a common frame colour or thickness of moulding can help to bring together a more random array of wall art choices. 

Scale is also really about finding a combination of print sizes that hang well together, allow more dominant designs to be emphasised or played down by how small or large you go. 

The Cosmos Gallery Wall Set below is a great example of choosing a monochrome colour way as a constant. Our team were then free to use the scale of the prints to create a well mixed set, that still overall reads as a calming and restful wall.

Artists work featured in this image include AsterInk OnkNative State and Sisi and Seb

Use them as a template to create your own.

Want to personalise your gallery wall set? Something we often help our customers with is getting the size ratios right. The Gallery Walls sets are a great template to use for this. Simply note down the size combinations you like and then swap in your favourite print designs in those sizes.

Artists work featured in this image include AsterTom Pigeon, Ink Onk and Printer Johnson

 If you have a particular theme, for example a bedroom inspired by botanicals or a fun set of animal themed prints for the kids bedroom that can be a great lead. Consider creating a mood board or use your basket to play with combinations and borrow the scale patterns from our ready to hang gallery wall sets above.