Five tips for a stylish home.

Posted by Summer du Plessis on 23rd Apr 2019

Five tips for a stylish home.

We all want our house to feel like a home. But sometimes we have to do this on a budget. And with time limitations and tight landlords we can't go changing the structural integrity of every room. 

Luckily, you don't have to, with our top five tips on how to make small changes which will make your home a more visually harmonious and therefore relaxing space to be in. 

1) Re-learn your complimentary colours

Complimentary colours are colours from the opposite end of the colour wheel. These are red and green, orange and blue and yellow and purple. Of course putting totally opposing colours next to each other can be tricky, but if you shift just slightly off the spectrum you'll begin to see how well think works. Think pink and sage, teal and gold and lemon and mauve. 

2) Read the mindful benefits of colour

Brush up on your colour psychology - what you think you know might not always apply. For example, red is often associated with anger, but it can also work up a fiery appetite, which is why it works well in kitchens or dining areas. Blue is a calming colour, but don't use it too much in areas where you work or study, or you'll put yourself to sleep!

3) Create a colour story

Have a little fun! If there's a print of lemons on the wall try a bowl of lemons echoing it in the opposite corner. Prints and plants can create wonderful conversations so if you have plants with pinks or purples in them think about echoing this in your print choices. Don't forget the plant pots - if there's a lot going on you may want to keep these all the same colour. 

4) Find more storage

Whether this means getting rid of stuff - do you really need three identical frying pans? - or being more mindful about how you use your cupboards, clutter free surfaces are essential for a sense of calm. If you have kids, you'll appreciate this for a whole different reason!

5) It's all about balance

Dark features are in vogue, but if you are able to paint or stain your cabinets, keep your countertops bright or vice versa. Remember to work with what you have. Everything has its place, and the things you surround yourself with can bring you joy. 

To add the finishing touches to your space why not try shopping by colour.