Finding joy in Scandinavian Simplicity. Q&A with One Must Dash

Posted by Rebeca Romero on 23rd Oct 2018

Finding joy in Scandinavian Simplicity. Q&A with One Must Dash

With a background in Graphic Design, typographic art became a starting point for Anneli and One Must Dash. With clean lines and a monochrome palette, One must Dash’s beautifully executed designs bring Scandinavian joy to any wall. We asked Anneli a few questions about her present work, future projects and creative process.

R: Hi Aneli, to start with, please tell us, what inspires you?

A: The perfect composition or a great colour combo will make my brain tingle and start a creative process. I love the full on, great variety, of art at RA Summer Exhibition in London, such a great slice of today's artists, extremely inspiring.


R: I find the the thick brush lines especially beautiful in some of your pieces, is there a piece of art or artist you feel particularly inspired by?

My favourite artist is Robert Motherwell, the most moving exhibition I have seen was in Barcelona, I cried my way through it.


R: What about your own work, have you got any favourite design?

A: I think I like this one the most, only because the spontaneousness feels very liberating. I have fairly recently also started painting in colour which I very much enjoy. 


R: How would you describe your work?

A: The Scandinavian simplicity is always going to exist in my work. I like working rather fast and producing lots, testing loads of ideas and then choose. In a creative process the walls and floors are usually filled with work. Then slowly I will erase the doubtful outcomes and find the final pieces.

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