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Eloise Curates

Posted by East End Prints on 16th Jun 2020

Eloise Curates

With the EEP team working from home, we have decided to take the opportunity to use our homes in a new way. Namely by letting the lovely Eloise, who has been our Range and Research manager for just over a year, pull together and style a gallery wall. Eloise spends her time managing our artists, working with external labels like and Habitat and scouring the creative world for the very best artist talent. Eloise also brings together our campaign looks so when it comes to curating gallery walls, she knows what she's doing. We think you're going to love her selections as much as the advice and pictures of them up in her lockdown location in Leigh On Sea. *with special thanks to Eloise's Mum and Queenie the dog for their modelling majesty. 

You can create a gallery wall for ANYTHING, but it's important to have a starting place, and more importantly, not take it too seriously.

I am massively influenced by colour, so that's where I decided to start when putting together my gallery wall.

First, I chose a tonal palette of pink, green and red - enough to work with and have some fun, but not so many colours that it would overwhelm the eyes on a daily basis!

When putting together our gallery walls at EEP, we try to include a print from each of our over riding style categories to balance the feel of the whole thing, but really that is just a guide! In this gallery wall, the types of prints I have chosen include Photography, Typography, Nature & Abstract prints.


Dark Night White Mountain

Rosi Feist

I wanted to include a print from one of my favourite artists of ours - Rosi Feist. Although you might not know to look at it, once you get close you can notice that all of his prints are paper cut outs. The pink on the mountains nicely tie in to the colour palette here. Luckily you can search prints by colour on our website, so type in what you're looking for and enjoy a good browse.


The Journey And The Coming Home

Sophie Ward

The combination of pink and red speaks for itself really! Type can be quite attention grabbing in a gallery wall, so it's important to choose words that feel genuine to you, that remind you of something you care about, in this instance, for me, it's home.

Neon Red A

Rosi Feist

An all time favourite in our office! Simple and bold. Monogramming and letters are popular right now, and I'd love to work on a collection of bold and colourful letters for East East Prints. You could choose the letter of your own name, of a loved one, or just choose because you like the colours!


Greater Than

Phillip Sheffield 

A gallery wall is the perfect way to bring some attention to those smaller and simpler prints that might usually get overlooked. I have included this one to add one important element - texture! This can be a simple squiggle, a line drawing, an outline or a pattern. Those smaller elements add depth and detail.

Red Cocktail and Hearts Matchbox Label

Matchbox Labels

These matchbox labels come from an absolutely wonderful archive that we are lucky to have access to. Each one is an old Japanese design scanned from a matchbox collected by our artists grandfather. I have spent many hours browsing these beauties and selecting for our campaigns. I chose this one for my gallery wall because the colours tie in nicely, and although I'm not usually that girly - I like the little hearts.



Eloise Holmes

This is shamelessly one of mine! I wanted to include it as a reminder that it's important to have a bit yourself in your gallery wall if you can to make it personal! You can include one of your own paintings, one of your kids scribbles that was once kept of the fridge, a family photo, or one taken from your favourite holiday. This way, your gallery wall will never be the same as anyone else's.

Have fun!