Design Your Life -Get The East End Look!

Design Your Life  -Get The East End Look!

Is that time of the year, January. We welcome 2017 with a list full of promises to ourselves and others. "To be the best version of ourselves" seems to be the motto. We've created a short list of resolutions for this 2017 together with a list of artworks that will help you to keep refreshed and motivated. 

 Here for a year full of growth, adventure, love and art!


1. Keep it Fresh

bring some green in to your life! It is, back to nature this 2017. Think palms, cactuses and succulents, bring them into your living space and breath in.


2. Go Somewhere New

Explore. Get out there, travel more! We've got some gorgeous maps and whimsical landscapes to keep you inspired.



3. Care for Others

Love is all you need! Bring a pet into your life.



4. Reach for the stars

Embrace new challenges with a positive attitude. Life is too short to worry too much. Got a dream? GO FOR IT.


5. Breathe Out

But most important. Dont forget to RELAX. Live can get very stressful so dont forget to practice some self care. Keep moving, eat healthy, mediate. Here some bright ideas to help keeping you BALANCED. Cheers to an awesome 2017!