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Children's Room Art Prints - Choosing the right art for kids

Posted by East End Prints on 25th Nov 2021

Children's Room Art Prints - Choosing the right art for kids

Children are caught right in the middle of a constant battle for their attention. With so many things trying to capture their gaze these days, art can sometimes seem like it has taken a back seat. Television and video games have captivated children everywhere, and with good reason. For the coolest children's art prints check out artists Kid of the VillageRachel Lee and Wonder and Rah.

These modern art forms no doubt have their own merit, but children can quickly dismiss traditional art as “boring” in comparison and it can be difficult to pry them away. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to get your kids excited about art and help channel their creativity into something tangible.

Bridge the Gap with Drawing Apps for Kids

Nothing quite monopolizes a child’s attention like a smartphone or tablet. The image of a child staring at one of these devices is commonplace, and it can easily feel hopeless to try to take it away from them.

But rather than feel defeated, why not use this as a way of bridging the gap and introducing art to your kids? There are a ton of great drawing apps designed specifically for children that are a great way to get their creative juices flowing.

Encourage Your Kids to Get Hands on With Art

For most of us, some of our fondest memories of doing art as a child probably involve finger painting and making stamps out of potatoes. There’s nothing on this earth quite as satisfying as peeling PVA glue off your hands after making the greatest collage the world has ever seen.

Kids love to get messy, and art is at its best when you get hands on. Get creative, and let your kids get their hands dirty, these positive experiences with art are ones they’ll never forget.

Take Your Children to Museums and Galleries

At first, this may seem counterintuitive, but you’ll be amazed how quickly a good museum can captivate the imagination of a child. It may take them a moment to adjust to the quiet wonder of the gallery, but when they do, exposing your children to such works of art at a young age can spark a lifelong passion.

Help Your Child Bring a Bit of Art into Their Room

As you’re growing up, your room is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you can fully unwind and truly express yourself without fear of judgement. There’s no better way to help get children excited about art than to help them choose some artwork to display in their room.

This could be something they create themselves, or something they pick out and fall in love with. Either way, the positive emotional connection they form with a piece of artwork they choose will cultivate a lasting appreciation.

Find the Perfect Children’s Artwork at East End Prints

Getting kids excited about art can be incredibly fun, but it can be a long transition. Why not kickstart the process by helping them choose a piece of artwork they really love? At East End Prints, we have a huge range of artwork available that will look perfect in any child’s room.

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