Carmen Von Trueba Interview - "I came to London for Love.."

Carmen Von Trueba Interview - "I came to London for Love.."

As part of our East London special, an interview with;



VON TRUEBA aka CARMEN TRUEBA a Spanish architect and designer, originally from Spain, is new to London whose geometric tropical flavoured prints are fresh for our summer print collection. Her heart drew her to London, and now she’s falling in love with East London.

“I’m a new girl in the city.”

Having arrived in London only 6 weeks ago, she’s already enjoying exploring all the city has to offer, including East London’s Columbia Road Flower Market and listening to live music in the sunshine.

“I can’t choose just one favourite place in London! Last weekend I fell I love with a little square near Columbia Road flower market where I enjoyed listening to live music and having a beer on a sunny day. Delicious!”

What does she love about London?

“East London has the latest trends and modern thinking. It’s the best place in London, where my artwork can be appreciated. It’s awesome how in East London you can be inspired having a walk around. London becomes a special place, once you’ve been there."

Originally from Spain, her new East End Prints collection is called ‘Summer in the City’. Grab a pina colada and become part of Club Tropicana, refreshing your home with some tropical spirit. For more tropical and summery print inspiration, we’ve got a new selection here.

Buy prints here: Carmen Von Trueba