Boost Your Creative Immunity!

18th Mar 2020

Boost Your Creative Immunity!

We are into properly strange and unchartered territory. The EEP team have been heartened by the supportive response from our artists, customers, clients and local community in the East End and London. People are rallying to together in all kinds of ways to support their loved ones. The displays of compassion got us thinking about how we could bring some brightness to the boat many of us are finding ourselves in. 

Looking after your physical health is of course top of everyone's list but with self isolation a reality for many we want to keep out creative community alive and well too. Share with us how you are creatively tweaking your homes into multipurpose work/play/exercise spaces and keeping yourselves busy. 

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Thanks to @kate_at_oneeight and @sifa_mustafa for the beaut images of their home and working spaces.