Boom bands, California sun and the search for happiness, 5 minutes with Sophie Ward

Boom bands, California sun and the search for happiness, 5 minutes with Sophie Ward

Sophie, from South London, graduated with a BA in Fashion Illustration from the University for the Creative Arts, Epsom in 2008. Her work explores the existential anxiety felt by women today – from the masks we employ, to finding acceptance within – by taking traditionally feminine, bubblegum aesthetics and reclaiming them in her unique style. We are completely in love with her thought and wished to know about her, her dreams and her journey. So we made her a couple of questions that she kindly answered to us...

-What inspires you?
My life, where I'm at on my own private little journey, the voice in my head that help me deal with motherhood and adulthood and the eternal search for happiness and contentment. Podcasts featuring rock stars (for quotes and sayings) pictures of old broken down signs and architecture that I collect on my travels, Cities and nature, esoteric words, the cosmic, the moon, the stars. basic stuff...


-What is your favourite piece of art, one that you found specially inspiring or eye opening?
That is such a hard question!!!! Guernica by Picasso is the first artwork I remember really affecting me, I was about 14 when I saw it on holiday in Barcelona and I had to be pulled away from it I stared at it for so long! I love trying to find the different elements to the story in the piece and the shapes and the scale of it. And I really love the lightbulb for some reason???? I also would really love to own the Basquiat fridge featured at his retrospective at The Barbican last year, all those graffiti tags!!! they blew my mind, such a moment in time captured.  


-Have you got a favourite piece?
Boom Bands from my first solo show, OH! To me its about expectance.


-What’s your favourite travel destination?
A recent trip to Agadir in Morroco was really amazing. But I love California, visiting my sister in Byron Bay is paradise on earth and I'm constantly trying to persuade my husband to leave everything and move to Soller in Majorca


-Have you got any resolutions for the New Year?
Nope! i've already quit smoking so I think i'd like to keep all my other vices.


Thank you Sophie for sharing with us a bit more about you and your journey!

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