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Black Friday Weekend 2021

Posted by East End Prints on 25th Nov 2021

Black Friday Weekend 2021

What's that? Did someone say 20% off all digital prints all Black Friday Weekend? We did! 

Black Friday or Indie Friday? Tricky one for small business. Jump on the mega corp band wagon or shut down your website this Friday? We opted for Black Friday after much back and forth about small businesses who struggle to take a hit on at least 20% off their products. Most small businesses are not set up to take this amount out of their profit margins, yet the chains can and will. We feel very torn as we do also sell into NEXT, John Lewis and who we will be competing with us on our own products. 

Anyway, we did it. 20% off BLACKFRIDAY21 at checkout til next Monday. 

Next year we may think differently as prices of raw materials have gone up, (Brexit, Covid-19 etc) taking an even bigger hit on our margins.

*Offer excludes Limited Editions and Frames cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Ends midnight Monday 29th November 2021.