Beach and Landscape Art Prints - Bring Summer To You

Beach and Landscape Art Prints - Bring Summer To You

4th Aug 2022

As the summer rolls around and we begin to get a feel for those long, light days, why not eternalise that feeling of summer with some gorgeous beach and landscape artwork?

Whether sandy beaches or gorgeous rolling hills are more your style, there is something for everyone in our landscapes and seascapes collection.

These natural prints, whether traditionally styled or more modern in their design, offer so much for your space. They can bring a calming influence, add a pop of colour, or serve as a reminder of some of your favourite places to visit.

Create Tranquil Spaces

Tranquillity, peace, nature. All of these are immediate thoughts when we first imagine landscapes. Of course, not all places depicted in landscape artwork evoke these feelings, but many are ideal options if you’re looking to create a tranquil pocket of space in your home.

Idyllic beach scenes provoke memories of gentle whooshing wave sounds and sandy beaches and this can be perfect for creating that relaxing area in your home where you can unwind and relax. Beach art prints work really well in your main living areas and in bathrooms and studies.

Imagery of the countryside in your art prints can bring life to a space without leaning too much into the summery feelings of a beachscape. They look great in more traditionally styled homes.

Choose Stylised Landscapes For A Unique Effect

Traditional landscape paintings and artworks have quite a distinct style, but newer imaginings of the landscape around us, like those done by our talented independent artists, allow us to take the concept of a landscape print and adapt it to our own style.

The below mountainous landscape from Chromakane takes inspiration from Japanese ink artwork to create a distinctively styled print that has a very different feel from most traditional landscape prints.

Japanese artwork can often focus on landscapes and nature. There are some iconic paintings of the ocean and mountainous landscapes that inspire many other artists and have found their way (in print form) into many homes that enjoy the style and want to take in the benefits of natural art.

We have many Japanese-inspired landscape prints, like this print of The Great Wave off Kanagawa in our collection.

Modern Takes On Traditional Concepts

There are many classic paintings and artworks based on natural landscapes and iconic locations of the time. Traditionally, these were paintings but now we see many landscape prints and plenty of digital artwork that we can use to bring the same sentiments of those paintings into our homes in a more polished (and affordable) way.

These prints were about capturing one of two feelings, either the feelings of exploring and enjoying far away lands and taking it in, or to incorporate that sense of familiarity with an art piece that reflects a familiar or favourite location.

The Road to Sun print below is a great example of how landscape prints can be used in fresh, modern interiors. This type of bold print can add a splash of colour to a neutral room.

For some, these modern prints, particularly exotic or beach-inspired designs, are a reflection of their feelings of wanderlust, and the desire for adventure, and for some, they are an opportunity to bring natural imagery into the home.

Feeling Inspired? See more prints in our beautifully curated landscapes and seascapes collection.


Road to Sun by Rose Feist and Climbers Paradise by Chromakane