Artist Highlight: Linda Gobeta

Artist Highlight: Linda Gobeta

Posted by East End Prints on 21st Apr 2022

In celebration of our Hello Spring campaign, we caught up with the lovely Linda Gobeta to chat about her hometown of Riga and her movement from being a graphic designer to an illustrator. You can explore Linda's collection here, or read her interview below. 

Let’s start off with a little bit about your background. Where are you from originally?

I’m from Riga, Latvia. I live in a romantic area called Pardaugava, a place known for the largest amount of surviving wooden houses in the city, Saturday farmer’s market with the sea & forests nearby.

We can see you're based in Riga, is this where you grew up?

Yes, I grew up in Riga but every summer has been spent in our summer house by the sea. To this day, I’m grateful for both experiences. I’ve also lived in the UK, 30mins from London, for 6 years when I was studying.

How do you draw inspiration from the place that you're in?

Usually from architecture, nature, culture that surrounds me as well as my travels. When you return home, you see things and appreciate them differently.

What is a typical day in the life of Linda Gobeta?

I start my day with lots of warm water and then coffee while playing with my dog :) followed by breakfast shared with my husband. After that, it depends on the day, I either go to work at an Agency or do my personal projects in my studio. I also teach Design Thinking course at a College. Days are very filled and tend to be versatile from meeting people, getting involved in design or artworking. I finish my day with a bath and listening to music - depending on my mood, as it's quite cold at the moment in Latvia. Or Netflix and chill.

When and how did you become interested in illustration and design? Did you study graphic design?

Yes, I studied Graphic Design in University of Bedfordshire and worked in London for a few years after. I was more interested in Graphics at first and just appreciative of illustrations. Then I dipped my toes in Illustration mainly after discovering some drawing tools on the iPad some time ago. From there, I’ve explored several methods from experimenting with marbling to collages. I found this playful side of myself that allows me to be more free and express what I want and how I want. It can be liberating.

We love your bold and graphic style, where do you draw your biggest inspiration from? What are your passions outside of the studio?

My biggest inspiration is simple shapes, patterns and colours one can spot in nature, listening to music and even framed shots in a movie. I think it takes an observer to appreciate the simplicity around us. Getting it down on paper, is both challenging and satisfying way to make sense and recall it. Outside this, I enjoy people-watching while sipping a good cup of coffee, regular beach volleyball and visiting galleries and museums for both contemporary and traditional art. When I get the chance, I also like to dance a little.

What's your earliest memory related to art? For example, first museum visit or first artwork that really impacted you?

My parents remember me curating my very own exhibition as a small child, where my relatives could visit and purchase them. They were made from objects found in nature, like twigs tied together with cute threads along with pieces of amber and shells. That’s how I earned my very first money to buy candies and lemonade.

Where did you go to school and what did you study?

I studied in couple of schools, firstly in a Maths school as I was very good at it, my parents were proud when I got in. And then, towards the end of High School, I really got into Photography, art and other creative processes.

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects for 2022?

Yes, yes I do. Some I can't share yet, but they are illustration-based mixing with design for Clients based here in Latvia and abroad.

Quick Fire Questions:

Favourite book? Matt Haig "The Humans"

Pink or yellow? Yellow for Ukraine.

Hot weather or cold weather? Cold weather - most of the time.

Name three songs currently on heavy rotation in your studio when it is time to get to work: Peggy Gou - I go, Jamie XX - Reconsider, Yebba - October Sky (live at Electric Lady). 

Explore Linda's collection here