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5 reasons (other than for art prints) you need to visit Brick Lane

Posted by East End Prints on 8th Jul 2021

5 reasons (other than for art prints) you need to visit Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a part of London legendary for its cultural depth. It’s a fantastic place to shop for art prints, as there is a real artistic scene here. However, it’s not the only reason to make sure you take a trip to this part of the city. These are some of the other key reasons why you need to put Brick Lane at the top of your list of London places to visit.

  1. Brick Lane has some of the best food in London. The most famous bagel shop in the city is here, as well as a huge range of takes on the traditional curry. It’s also one of the focal points for the vegan food scene in London and there are lots of innovative and cutting edge culinary spots in and around Brick Lane, as well as in the nearby Boxpark.
  2. It’s a great place for vintage finds. From the Brick Lane Vintage Market to the Truman Brewery, this part of London is overflowing with opportunities for vintage lovers. The wealth of vintage shops and markets here covers everything, from 1920s elegance through to 80s neon style. Shops like Rokit, The Tea Rooms and Here After are all worth browsing, no matter what your vintage tastes there is something for everyone.
  3. A hub for coffee lovers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given Brick Lane’s proximity to many hipster landmarks of note, this is also one of the best places in London to get the highest quality coffee - as well as some of the most mouthwatering cake to go with it. Best of all, the coffee is often served in places where you can combine a caffeine fix with shopping, art browsing or music at the same time. You don’t have to walk far to find a great place to get coffee on Brick Lane and the surrounding area. Some of the most popular include Cafe 1001 (which also does great BBQ), ethically conscious Kahailia and Nudge Coffee Roasters on Hanbury Street, which has its own roastery.
  4. A great place to go out. If you’re not a fan of chain pubs and bland bars then Brick Lane has a wealth of options for you. There are many different independent nightspots here, with numbers increasing all the time. The Bill Chill - previously a boutique festival - opened a permanent home here in 2004 and the Truman Brewery is a legendary London location for music. Whether you’re a fan of artisan cocktails, real ale or you’re looking for a combination of music, food and drinks there are a lot of different options to choose from in this part of town.
  5. Activities aplenty. Weekend activities can get a bit samey if you’re in London 24/7 but not if you take a trip to Brick Lane. Here, you’ll find everything, from bowling to crazy golf, as well as karaoke and pop up art and performances. The best thing about this part of London is that it’s full of innovators so if there’s a hot new thing to try you’ll probably find it here first.

Brick Lane is a great place to shop for art prints but that’s not all that this vibrant part of London has to offer. Also, when you do come to Brick Lane, we’d love see you at our prints shop in London.