Health, environment and food security. A conversation with Sam Capell (Seven Deadly Sauces)

Posted by Rebeca Romero on 16th Apr 2019

Health, environment and food security. A conversation with Sam Capell (Seven Deadly Sauces)

Sam has always been interested in mark and meaning making, trying to say something serious about the world we live in. His series "Seven Deadly Sauces" can be seen as an observation on health, environment and food security. We chatted with Sam about his work, favourite young artists and his thoughts on an imminent Brexit. 

E:. Please tell us a bit about your background, where did you grow up and how did you get started with illustration and printmaking. 

S: I grew up in Dover, Kent which didn't have any sort of art gallery or art scene so I never studied or immersed myself in the art world until more recently. I learnt screen printing at University, the thing I love about it is the traditional look and authenticity of printing, there's a history there and endless ways of experimentation.


PRIDE / 7 colour screen print

E: Tell us a bit about your process, where do you get inspiration from? How long does it normally takes you to go from idea to finalised print? 

S: All my work is about food from issues such as health, the environment and food security. An idea will often start from something I've read, a trip around the supermarket or something I've eaten but my inspiration started when I worked for McDonalds during University. I believe this is why I often use branding and packaging throughout my work and have often taken digs at McDonalds during my earlier work. Some of my work can take years to transform from my sketchbook but once I've started an idea, I don't normally take any longer than 4-6 weeks.

E: Have you got a personal favourite design of yours? And why?

S: Not really, only because I like making series of prints that fit together, as well as on their own. Probably the Seven Deadly Sauces' are my favourite series.

Oli Epp

E: Are there any prints on your walls? Is there any living artist you find interesting and you think we should be looking at?

S: I have a print by the artist Imbue, making work about the perils of our society. Others artists I like are Oli Epp and Michael reeder.

E: . Last show you attended to?

S: The last big show I attended was the 2017 Folkestone Triennial, mainly because my time is limited due to raising two young children. but, I'm lucky to have my studio is in the middle of Folkestone's Creative Quarter, walking distance to loads of shows throughout the year.

E: . Savoury or sweet?

S: Definitely savoury, I love anything with Umami flavours. A big bowl of Ramen would be close to heaven.

E: . Any feelings on Brexit you'd like to share?

S: Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts. *holds head in hands* Simply, what a mess. Because I live in Dover, we're starting to see how things might operate once Brexit happens. 


ENVY / spray paint + 4 colour screen print

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