Katie King


Katie King is an illustrator with a huge passion for paper cuts. She has recently completed an Illustration degree at Blackpool and the Fylde College, where her interest in paper art began. She has always been attracted to intricate things. Within the work, Katie experiments with layers and shadows to create dimension.

 “I feel that delicate detail gives off a precious essence, therefore, when Su Blackwell attended as a visiting lecturer at my University, she inspired me to pick up the knife and start cutting.”

She is fascinated how lighting and shadows can change the whole atmosphere of the image. Together with her passion for travelling, exploring new cultures and architecture, this has lead her to explore maps. Katie tends to work primarily in white, for the clean crisp lines it creates and enhances the effect of the shadows.

A pivotal point was at D&AD New Blood, where her work was exposed to the commercial industries and she received recognition for her talents. 


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