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The way East London entrepreneurs choose to live and work in this city is by being super creative both with their home and work space. Social trends such as rent sky rocketing and under 40’s couples not even getting on the property ladder, mixed with mass migration to seaside places are effecting how people live and work. Would you rent your home out as an office when you go to work? Yes , its really happening….

Below we hit on 5 hot social trends:

1. Renting your flat out as an office when you go to work -new co-working spaces - check spacehop

2. Swedes renting flats not offices

3. Work from home –How to keep sane

4. Live in an office? When all the warehouses have gone – why not ?

5. Work from a Café (preferably one that has our prints hanging on the wall!

10 best independent cafes to work from.

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