Meet Susan Taylor and her love for all things typographical and vintage

           Having spent many years in the advertising industry in Brighton and London, Susan moved to Bristol in 2007 and set up her design studio creating typographical giftware.Susan fuses screenprinting and digital illustration with experimental typefaces to create her retro-styled designs. Her passion for graphic design is evident – typography, iconography, bold [...]

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Introducing: The colourful works of Villanaart

Villanaartis Victoria Villasana, a mexican artist currently based in London, England. Fans of her beautiful yarn street art pieces we just had to invite her to be part of our FIND 50 FRIDAS group show. Wanna know a bit more about her work and inspirations? Keep reading...!         How did you get into art? [...]

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FIND 50 FRIDAS opened last night, and what a night it was! It has been really moving to see the great response to our open call. Frida Kahlo's life and art has definitely trascended and touched so many men and women in different and inspiring ways.We can only say thank you to everybody who made last [...]

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This International Womens Day we are focussing on the design studio of Sivellink - A UK born designer living in Denmark, making great work about London! SIVELLINK is a Copenhagen based graphic design studio, owned and run by Emma Sivell. Alongside her client illustration and graphic design work there is a growing collection of SIVELLINK designed [...]

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​WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH in East London 1-31st MARCH listing

WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTHin East London1-31 March by Tower Hamlets Council and Alternative ArtsNewsletter - updateWomen’s groups, artists, activists, performers, writers, arts, media and community organisations are celebrating WOMENS HISTORY MONTH in East London, and International Women’s Week in Tower Hamlets, with a remarkably diverse range of events and exhibitions. ARTSADMINToynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street [...]

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Pop up Print Sale £10 each At our Shop in E8!

We're having a sale of some of our fun, graphic prints at the Print Shop In E8, this Saturday and Sunday Pick up some fabulous high quality prints at low prices! Something to freshen your walls this Spring!Choose from a selection of nature prints, maps or typographic, all at size 30x40cm unframed prints....*Available in the [...]

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A new year has begun and we are ready to rumble! We've been working hard finding exciting new looks and trends for this 2016. We can't wait to bring with us the latest additions to the East End Prints catalogue back to Spitalfields Art Market. A community of independent and talented artists that though the [...]

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If you find yourself in the crowds of Broadway Market, E8 this Saturday morning, with grumpy kids nip further down Westgate St, opposite Netil House to our lovely calm courtyard, full of plants and sunshine!You will not only find fabulous coffee from Il Cudega, but a great space for kids to run around , play [...]

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Introducing: The wonderful world of Tracie Andrews

Tracie Andrews is a freelance graphic artist and illustrator living and working in the UK. And one of the latest additions to the East End Prints catalogue.She originally studied Fine Art at university but now her work branches out into more varied modern methods of working and experimentation. Her style and subject matter is very [...]

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LOL, WTF? The Origin Stories Of 5 of Your Favorite Internet Acronyms

by Rebecca HiscottEditorial Fellow, HuffPost BusinessHave you ever thought about where now-ubiquitous semi-words like "OMG" and "LOL" come from? Sure, they've been sanctified by the Oxford English Dictionary as totally legitimate, but it's often difficult to figure out how, exactly, they began. Even web historians -- some of whom get paid to study this stuff, [...]

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